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15 Simple Pleasures...
me, trees
1) The smell of funnel cakes at a fair.
2) Getting up randomly at 7 A.M. and watching Monty Python clips and anime.
3) Harboring a crush on Mike Nelson of MST3K fame.
4) Coffee with a spoonful of chocolate ice cream in it. Yum.
5) Sudden inspiration for my novels smacking me in the face at 3 A.M. Ahhhh, success...
6) Finding a really cool sweater for $1.00. (We need to go shopping at DEB in the Bristol Mall, Candies, they have this sale going on that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. We're going, yes we are.
7) Sweating like crazy after two hours of hard exercise at night.
8) Showers at 1 A.M.
9) Biiiiiiig yawns.
10) Laying in bed and listening to David Bowie sing Modern Love. Ooooo...
11) Long chats with my mom. :)
12) Holding deep conversations with myself and imaginary friends in the shower.
13) Cooking a difficult meal (successfully).
14) Philosophical discussions with friends (only you, Candies, as you're the only friend I have who cares to do so).
15) Snuggling in the early morning.

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Oh man. We have hummingbirds that suck us dry of sugar too O_O But this ice cream in coffee is tantalizing sounding XD

Muahahah that sounds fecking awesome. I love sales like this. They make me squee.

I cannot wait for it to open O_O It needs to open NOW so I can go to it and be happy. Though it will be dangerous for me to have a forever21 near me...

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