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Okay, I'm going to share MY ghost experiences with you, Candies. I would have explained them on your entry, but, well, like I said, I like to keep her to myself. :)
The year after my mother died, strange things started happening around here. First off, you need to know that my mom died on our bathroom floor. I won't go into the details; I keep those to myself. I don't think anyone wants to know those, and I don't think I'm quite ready to tell anyone. But after that, we saw things. Small things, yes. Late at night, doors that were closed would creak open, just like they did while she was alive (she loved to open the doors when she thought we were asleep and look at us). The door to the room connected to the kitchen would open and we would hear the trash bags rustle as if she was taking the trash out again. We'd wake up at night and swear that we feel someone watching us. Dad woke up one night and saw a figure standing at the foot of his bed, silhouetted by the light from the bathroom down the hall. I heard him when he saw her, because I was the one in the bathroom. He said, "Mom? Mom?" in this voice like that of a little boy. Suddenly, I saw something go down the hall really fast. I ran out of the bathroom, but it wasn't there anymore. The next morning, Dad told me that after he called to her, she left his room and went down the hall. 
I'd be sitting on the bed and suddenly my feet would feel warm, like someone was sitting at them. Mom loved to sit at my feet and hold them on her lap and talk to me.
I'd feel something like the brush of fingers on my back or legs. My favorite thing for my mom to do was to tickle-rub my back or legs whenever I was tired.
We wrote it off as imagining things, most of the time, but then we got my cat.
Now, you've got to understand, my father is half Cherokee and both my mom and dad were raised on farms in the backwoods of Virginia, so they were raised superstitious, and so were we. We trust animals. Anyways, when I got Momo, I kept him inside to keep me company at night. The first few nights he was here, Momo flat out refused to go into our bathroom. I'll never forget the first time I opened the door with him at my feet. His hair raised, he yawled, and then he ran under my bed. He did that a few times. But one morning, I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw Momo standing at the door to the bathroom. He was staring into the bathroom really hard, like someone was in front of him speaking really softly to calm him down. And then, oddly, he walked into the bathroom and curled up on the floor. Exactly where Mom died.

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Not really, unfortunately. :( Sometimes I hear creaks in the kitchen at night that sound exactly like she did when she'd exercise in there, but other than that, we don't see her much anymore. But, then, we've kind of come to terms with her being gone.

Maybe she just made her self so evident then to let you all know that she was still there looking over you no matter what. I'd say she's still around, but maybe now she doesn't have to show herself too often <3

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