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Writer's Block: BFF
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Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?
haha, My first, and still my only, friend on LJ is Candace. Love you, Candies, and congrats on graduating!!! I wish I'd been there, but I WILL get you a card, at least!
So it's been a rough week. I've gotten into a few fights with Chris, who has promptly forgotten them all, which pisses me off. My dad's heart keeps stopping and skipping, which is freaking me out, and he's had to go to the hospital for it a few times, and he has another test in JC next Thursday. Oh, and he also just randomly told me that he's rewritten his will to make me the beneficiar(sp?) of his insurance in the case of his death.
Overall, I've been a bit freaked out all week. But, as I told Chris (shouted at him, really) last night, I think I have a right to be. After all, this is exactly what happened in 2006. My mom was having heart trouble, went for a stress test, was scheduled for a test in JC, and then BAM!, had a heart attack.
...Is that seriously gonna happen to me again? I haven't even come to terms with not having a mother, and now I'm not gonna have a father?
I think God hates me. I really do.
Anyways. You should seriously check out The Inbetweeners. It's an awesome show if you like British teen comedy and understand British slang.
And the lead singer of Morning Runner is HOT. Check him out, too.

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WOOT, THAT'S ME. I wish you had been there too, but all is well because we have to get together soon or I will go through withdrawals :(

There's a community on my flist called find_ljfriends I think. Something like that. But they have a little thing you fill out and post and can get friendzies if you would like C:

I'm sorry about your daddeh :( I hope his test goes well on Thursday. That stuff is never ever easy. I've had a long couple o days, so I can totally rough it with you there.

I has to watch this band! I like band hotties.

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